Can a Renter Be Evicted for Not Paying HOA Fees?

by Kim GreeneOctober 6, 2023
Can a Renter Be Evicted for Not Paying HOA Fees

For many, owning a home is a goal, but getting there typically requires navigating a complicated web of duties and obligations, including Homeowners Association (HOA) payments. While many usually associate HOA costs with homeowners, whether tenants can get evicted for failing to pay these fees is fraught with legal ambiguity.

As the housing landscape evolves, the role of HOAs in rental homes has grown in importance. Due to this, renters may have many questions about their financial commitments, lease agreements, and potential eviction risks. In contrast, landlords face the challenging task of balancing adhering to their HOA commitments and protecting the rights of their tenants.

Whether you're a homeowner concerned about your tenant's HOA fee compliance, this article is for you. Journey with us as this post sets out to untangle the web of HOA fees, renting, and eviction in the contemporary residential landscape.

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Can a Renter Be Evicted for Not Paying HOA Fees?

Sometimes, a renter might experience eviction for failing to pay HOA (Homeowners Association) payments. When a property is in a HOA, the homeowner is usually responsible for paying the HOA fees. If a tenant occupies the property, the landlord may establish an arrangement in which the renter is responsible for these expenses. If the tenant fails to pay the HOA fees, they may face fines, liens on the property, or possibly eviction. Investors should discuss with a knowledgeable HOA manager in Philadelphia to manage costs and other requirements.

The eviction procedure varies according to local and state laws, as well as the conditions of the lease agreement. Sometimes, the HOA may work directly with the landlord to fix the issue. In contrast, others might decide to take legal action against the homeowner, affecting the renter indirectly.

Both landlords and renters must explicitly state responsibility for HOA fees in the lease agreement and understand the applicable local legislation. Communication among all parties involved, including the HOA, can help prevent eviction and handle fee-related concerns more amicably.

Both landlords and tenants must specify their responsibilities concerning the HOA fees in the lease agreement and be aware of any applicable local legislation. All parties concerned, including the HOA, should communicate with one another to avoid eviction and settle any fee-related disagreements peacefully.

What Should the Lease Agreement Include for Renting within an HOA property?

When renting a property within a Homeowners Association (HOA), homeowners and renters should ensure that the lease agreement includes particular terms to handle the unique elements of living in an HOA-managed neighborhood. Here are some crucial factors to have:

  1. Responsibility for HOA Fees

The lease agreement should clarify whether the renter or the homeowner-landlord is responsible for paying HOA fees. Typically, landlords are still liable for these expenses but may pass them on to tenants. If the renter is in charge, explicitly state the payment frequency and method. 

It is crucial to understand that failure to pay HOA fees can result in severe consequences such as fines, liens on the property, or even eviction. As a result, the lease should emphasize the tenant's need to make timely payments and follow all HOA rules and regulations regarding fee payments. This clarity aids in the avoidance of disputes and ensures that HOA fees experience appropriate management.

  1. Compliance with HOA rules

The lease agreement should heavily emphasize adherence to HOA rules for homeowners renting within an HOA-managed property. It should be evident in the clause that the tenant must follow all HOA rules and regulations for the duration of the lease. This includes, but is not limited to, rules for parking, noise levels, and usage of public facilities.

The lease agreement should also state that any violation of HOA rules and any subsequent fines or penalties are the tenant's responsibility. Additionally, It should say that failure to follow HOA rules may result in sanctions, including eviction, as indicated in the HOA's governing documents. This ensures tenants understand their responsibilities within the HOA community and the consequences of non-compliance.

  1. Notice of HOA Meetings

The lease agreement for homeowners renting within a HOA property should include a clause for "Notice of HOA Meetings." This provision should state whether the renter must attend HOA meetings and how they will receive notifications of these meetings. It could specify that the landlord would provide meeting notices to the renter or that the tenant is responsible for independently monitoring HOA communications. 

This ensures that the tenant is aware of any meetings, such as board meetings or annual meetings, where discussions on significant community decisions may happen and that they can participate as needed to comply with HOA standards.

  1. Access to HOA Amenities

The lease agreement should specify access to HOA amenities when leasing a property in an HOA. Indicate whether the tenant can access HOA-provided amenities such as pools, gyms, or clubhouses and any associated costs. Also, emphasize the tenant's responsibility to follow HOA rules governing amenity usage, potential hours of operation, and any guest policies.

You should discuss the implications of breaking these regulations, including the possibility of eviction. This clarity ensures tenants understand their rights and responsibilities regarding HOA facilities and promotes a happy living atmosphere within the community.


Whether eviction is an event a renter can experience for failing to pay HOA fees depends on several variables, including the lease agreement, local and state laws, and the cooperation of all parties concerned. Clear communication between homeowners, tenants, and the HOA plays an essential role in dealing with such issues.

Lease agreements should specify who is responsible for HOA fees and how to follow HOA guidelines. When handled effectively, these concerns can be resolved without eviction, encouraging a more pleasant and cooperative living environment within the HOA. 

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