Our Team

Kim Greene

President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

As most of her colleagues would say, a woman ahead of her time. Kim founded The Morning News with three men and one other woman at the time, after working for nine years in one of the leading news companies in the United States as a Senior Technical Writer. She wanted a change- delivering news that informs its readers and stimulates them to think about how they may play a part in changing the world— one reader at a time.

James Price

EVP of News Standards and Practices

James initially got on board the team as a proofreader, but his stirring conversation and exchange of ideas with the team eventually lead him to a higher calling. He now spearheads the Editorial Team as its "green light" in publishing our news articles.

Latisha Anderson

Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer

Latisha is of Asian descent- a remarkable woman who has been working alongside Kim for ten years now. She is responsible for supervising the outlining, expansion, and accomplishment of The Morning News' marketing and publicity initiatives. Her team amplifies the company's message across different channels.

Sandra Rayford

Executive VP of Research and Scheduling

Sandra is the Executive Vice President of Research and Scheduling for The Morning News. She is accountable for all customer analysis and audience analytics, ensuring our content meets all our readers' demands.

Kenneth Armas

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth is the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of The Morning News.

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The Morning News is comprised of content that aim to alter how we look at things around us. We aim to provide insights that will keep you going every day. We work with labels to build a community fond of stimulating conversations, awakening topics, and shareable stories that motivates readers to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
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